Weather and Climate Resources

There are a lot of great weather and climate based resources out there.  This page has links to a few, some are weather forecast and historical data, others are GIS resources, and some are just cool ways of representing weather patterns.

There are several climate change related resources on this page as well.

January Frost Flowers on Lake Champlain

January Frost Flowers on Lake Champlain

Automated Statistical Downscaling (ASD)
This portal provides user-friendly web access to statistical downscaling techniques and simulations (global and regional model outputs) produced in ENSEMBLES
More resources here:

Climate change information, maps, data, and tools for California

Climate at a Glance, NOAA
Allows you to generate temperature, precipitation, heating, cooling, drought, etc charts for global, US, state, and sub-state geographic areas.

Climate Information Portal (CIP)
An online climate change visualization tool that allows you to track a number of variables and statistics over time. Good graphical presentation and options for saving your data.

Climate Change:New Scientist
A very coarse global climate map showing 20 year temperature differences from the 1951-1980 average temp.  Dates begin in 1894.  Clicking on a location gives a local chart for the time period selected.

Climate Data Guide
A collection of climate data analysis tools and information.

Climate Reanalyzer
Maps and historic climate data

Climate Wizard
US and Global temperature and precipitation predictions using various models in an easy to access interface

Community Earth System Model
“A fully-coupled, global climate model that provides state-of-the-art computer simulations of the Earth’s past, present, and future climate states.” – requires free registration to download source code

Educational Global Climate Modelling
Older software packages that allow you to run your own global climate models with numerical and visual results.  – requires license purchase

Global Windmap
Realtime wind patterns for the globe.

Hong Kong Observatory
An detailed resource for current weather in Asia

Integrated Climate Data Center – ICDC
The CliSAP-Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) allows easy access to climate relevant data from in-situ measurements and satellite remote sensing.

National Climate Data Center (NOAA)
A collection of software packages and data available via NOAA

National Phenology Network (USA)
A crowd-sourced/citizen science based mapping project tracking phenology across the US

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Extremely complete collection of snow and ice info, maps, historical weather data, and GIS data from a wide variety of sources

Planetary Weather Research and Forecasting model (planetWRF)
Open source numerical planetary weather model. Designed to work on platforms with a wide range of computing power. Used for weather models on and off Earth.

Real Climate
“Climate science from climate scientists” – an array of climate articles written by climate scientists. The “start here” page has an excellent selection of links for people with a wide range of familiarity with climate science.

Regional and Mesoscale Meterology Branch (RAMMB)
Detailed weather products from NOAA & Colorado State, located in the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)

U.S. Climate Atlas
US climate maps based on the new nClimDiv (New Climate Division) dataset which uses daily observations of temperature and precipitation from over 10,000 stations in the U.S.

United States Drought Monitor
Maps showing current drought severity across the US.
See also:

Weather Spark
Really great current, historical, and predicted weather information in a beautiful and intuitive presentation.

Wind Map
Extremely cool art project showing wind movement across the US

World Meteorological Organization
A UN organization focuses on meteorology, water, and environmental concerns.  Excellent index of books, many of which can be downloaded free (the price in the basket is for physical texts), great source of information, including for disaster prediction and relief.

Global climate data including predictions (GIS layers)

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  1. […] had to reblog this great post that includes Weather and Climate Resources that presents data in a graphically appealing manner that Tufte would approve […]

  2. […] Helping/ Hindering your Protagonists Often in conjunction with the environment, weather plays a role of aid or hindrance to the story protagonists. Adventure stories use weather elements constantly to create weather events leading to the next scene of the story. Weather can also help your characters as a tropical storm can mean a break from a famine ravaging the land. When the sun shines after a torrent of rain, this signals a transition to a new part of the story. Subtle uses of weather, such as fog or sleet can challenge your story players in unique ways. Be sure to read up on the different elements of weather. Here is an excellent link for additional resources to help you write about weather elements. […]

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    please attach the link that access ASD software i thank more

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